• We analyze and update the provisions for unpaid claims using file-file calculation methods.
  • We provide a valuable warning on claims, through a prediction (annuity or capital) and through the precision of our calculation methods leading to an optimization of more than 10% of your exits!
  • Our solution was co-built with a medical doctors specialised in bodily injury and university professors specialised in Statistics and artificial intelligence.


Communication on this topic

AI can streamline insurance claims — but at what cost?
Algorithms promise to cut bureaucracy, yet this could leave insurers more exposed to fraud
Insights from McKinsey’s Insurance 360º benchmarking
The March 2014 edition of “Successfully reducing insurance operating costs – insights from McKinsey’s Insurance 360o benchmarking” gave a comprehensive picture of cost developments in the insurance industry, and was very well received by insurers across all geographies. As the 2014 benchmarking season drew to a close, we wanted to use the opportunity to give an updated picture of the market based on our most recent benchmarking results.
Data has always played a central role in the insurance industry, and today, insurance carriers have access to more of it than ever before. We have created more data in the past two years than the human race has ever created. Insurers—like organisations in most industries—are overwhelmed by the explosion in data from a host of sources, including telematics, online and social media activity, voice analytics, connected sensors and wearable devices. They need machines to process this information and unearth analytical insights. But most insurers are struggling to maximise the benefits of machine learning.
Ways To Increase Profitability By Optimizing Insurance Claims
Insurance claims consume nearly 80% of the insurance company’s premium in the form of payments, fraudulent losses, and processing costs. Therefore, insurance companies are justifiably concerned about optimizing the claims process but are often unsure about the most effective method to accomplish this.
Comité de sélection : 5 nouvelles startups rejoignent Le Village by CA Paris ! Welcome on board !
I.Praedico (InsurTech) i.praedico est une solution qui aide les assureurs à déterminer rapidement la meilleure stratégie de sortie des sinistres corporels graves pour prédire et optimiser les coûts d'indemnisation associés.